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From large commercial projects such as parking lots to residential driveway sealcoating we provide quality workmanship for your asphalt sealcoating needs. Whether you need to protect a new asphalt parking lot or wisely choose to complete a preventative maintenance sealcoating application we can handle your needs. We can bid to your specifications or develop a solution that's best suits your asphalt needs.

Have you ever noticed how some asphalt sealcoating work lasts far longer than others? There are specific reasons for the difference which include the actual brand of sealer used and most importantly whether or not the contractor mixes the sealer per the directions. Many sealcoating companies overly "thin" the sealer for the sake of higher profits. While this "thinned coat" appears normal when applied it does not have the adequate strength to last for 2-3 years. We always use Sealmaster sealer which is mixed per the manufacturers specifications in keeping with our commitment to quality and honesty. We know that you expect and deserve a sealcoating job that will meet your expectations. For what you spend you need a trustworthy and reliable contractor. This is why Owens Sealcoating, LLC is an excellent choice for your sealcoating needs.

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